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Updated 2015-07-13 - Added Stuff...

Joe's Stuff:

Check out Junk Yard Joe's Rusty Rockets web page

Mark's Technical Stuff:

Brainstorming list for terminating IT administrator employment - no warranty, consult a laywer

IT Risk Management Workgroup Policy Template - October 2014

VIDEO: Mark Lachniet at CDW - Sick Security Systems - Solved

Conducting an Efficient IT Risk Assessment to Comply with HIPAA August 2014

My paper on Hostile Forensics - August 2011

Internal controls spreadsheet for Hostile Forensics paper - August 2011

My GIAC "gold" whitepaper on investigating Usenet abuse.

How to configure 7zip to do hourly ZIP file backups in Kiwi syslog

A Usenet Abuse Primer for Security and Law Enforcement Personnel. A companion to the training that Mike Harrington and I gave at the 2006 International HTCIA conference.

Application Security Requirements for State of Michigan RFP from 2006, pgs. 28-25

A short paper on how to interpret raw PIX and ASA logs.

A short whitepaper on getting SuSE Linux / Squid to do LDAP authentication to Novell Netware NDS. Not as good as some of the others, but to the point if you have this particular configuration.

Mike Harrington's paper on analysing Outlook e-mail using Open Source tools (I helped a little)

Lachniet's howto on setting up Kiwi and Sawmill for a PIX

Mark Lachniet's Desktop Linux Feasibility Study

Mark Lachniet's PowerPoint presentations, 1997-current, mainly on I.T. security, wireless and Linux

Mark Lachniet's Random security docs - on IP Telephony, background checks, Windows forensics, etc.

Article for Cooley Law Journal, summer 2004, "From the perspective of a Computer Security Consultant"

Mark Lachniet's Linux Security Curriculum (This was originally intented to be the start of a LPI Level 3 Security track, for which I was the project lead, but on 8/18/04, I was informed the track was being dropped. It is only a skeletal outline, but may be a start for people putting together UNIX / Linux training, and has somewht detailed sections for NMAP and NESSUS)

Article for Linux Journal (issue 41) on Linux @ Holt Public Schools

From 2000, A very old Linux Router Project (LRP) set of boot disks for EEPRO100 and Wavelan PC's *only* (no other drivers)

My old Red Hat for AlphaStation 200 documentation (if you are reading this, you need a better computer)

An incredibly old howto that I wrote with Paul and Joe on how to make a Masquerading Proxy Server out of Slackware 3.5

Mark's Non-technical Stuff:

VIDEO: An analysis of the contemporary science of H.P. Lovecrafts The Colour Out of Space

Understanding The Battle at Finnsburgh (Beowulf Excerpt) through stick figures

Audio recording of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Shadow Out of Time"

VIDEO: The ZEN Of Pinball

Did I give you a homebrew? Look up what it is

My paper on Babylon5 and storytelling (undergrad)

My bladerunner paper (undergrad)

A school project on English Imperialism (undergrad)