LPI Highest Level:

Last updated April 2, 2004:


While recognizing that there will be a lot of overlap between areas and topics, I propose having four basic content areas for the LPI Level 3 certification:


  1. Security Concepts and Policy


Deals with information security best practices, policies, training and other non-technical best practices.


  1. Local security


Deals with local security issues user and authentication systems such as shadow passwords, PAM, filesystem and partition security, configuring local daemons and services, X-Windows, LIDS, Logging, Mail security, physical and bootloader security, incident response, etc.


  1. Network security


Deals with security issues that mainly use the network user and authentication systems such as NIS/Kerberos, Samba, Inetd/Xinetd, Linux firewalling (iptables and ipchains), NAT, Performing vulnerability assessments, email security (relay, mimedefang, TLS), SSH, NMAP, Nessus


  1. Packages / addons


Deals with all the packages or add-ons that are worthy of a section all their own, to include things such as Apache, Sama, Snort, BIND, NFS, SeLinux, etc.

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